mp3 Tagging

mp3 Tagging

mp3 files need to be properly and accurately tagged in case someone falls in love with your song, wants to record it, but can't find out how to contact you.   And what about the music supervisor who downloaded it from your link, stores it for a few months or a year, finds it again and wants to use it, no metadata, no contact info, no placement.  That's just a couple of examples of why we need clear and complete tagging of our mp3 files that we send out into the world.

Even if you are just uploading a track to SoundCloud or something similar, it needs to be tagged.  Just in case.  And if you don't want to do it.  I can do it for you.

Under 50 tracks:  $2 per track

50+ tracks:  $1.80 per track

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