Music Services

All the services below are completed manually. No programmes are used to automate the process, or to speed it up.

Track submission to online platforms  click here

mp3 tagging  click here

Moods and keywords for individual tracks  click here

Moods, keywords, copyright splits, contact information entered on to an Excel spreadsheet  click here

Artists and bands that you sound like 3 examples for your each of your tracks (sometimes called 'ALAs' or 'sounds-like')  click here


Customer Testimonials

Quote: "Amanda did a terrific job for me uploading and tagging a large catalogue of songs, along with their instrumental backing tracks.  This was no easy task as there were many co-writers and publishers involved, and the target site was one of the more difficult ones to navigate.

Where I needed help with mood and style tags, sound-likes etc., Amanda took the time to listen carefully and do the appropriate research.  Excellent attention to detail.

Five stars all the way !"

Client: Casey Hurowitz


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