Amanda West is a lyricist, songwriter and composer living on the west coast of Ireland.

Quote: "I love to collaborate with other songwriters all over the planet - the internet is an incredible tool, it means that I can live somewhere fairly remote and still pitch songs to A&R companies in LA and elsewhere."

She has had her songs used in TV shows around the world, and recently had her first film placement in the indie film "Breaking Good".


Album cuts:

Future Kings Of Denmark album 'Fiery Ends':

Stay With Me, Starting Over, Can't Remember When We Last Kissed, Better Off Blue, It's A New Day In Your World, No More Being Nice.

Robbie Hancock album 'Shine':

From This Burn, Our Side Of The Sun

Titanosaur album 'Eat Me':

Zombie Dolphins

Blu Cedar album 'Blu Cedar':

This Is The End

Michelle Lockey album 'More To Life':

Deep Is My Soul, In The Dark (A Tale Of Love)



Empty Room - Steven Guiles

and a few more.