Track Submission to Online Platforms

Track Submission to Online Platforms

File uploading + all required information entered to online platforms for sync licensing and micro licensing, for submissions to libraries with online submission systems, plus online track storage/pitching platforms and many more.

Keywords and moods can be either supplied by you, or created by me, or a combination.  These are included in the price.

ALAs ('sounds similar to') to be supplied by you, unless you wish to commission me to find these for you also.  If you want me to do this, it is an extra $9 per track for 3 similar artists/bands.  However if, for example, all your tracks are exactly the same ALAs, and I don't have to research more than once, then I will only charge the extra for the first track researched, and will only research ALAs once.

This is a very private, secure and careful service.  Data security is of paramount importance to me, as is copyright infringement and any illegal activities.  Proof of identity is required for anyone I don't know.

References are available upon request.

Payment is via PayPal.


Complicated platforms with a lot of different data entry (descriptions, keywords, moods, ALAs, copyright splits etc), some of which I supply

(online sync licensing and micro licensing platforms, less simple online library submission systems, eg Songtradr, Audiosparx, Music Gateway etc)

11+ tracks:   $14 per main track

1-10 tracks:  $15 per main track

Main track  is the main track you wish to have uploaded and listed on a platform.

1 additional stem is included in the price for entries onto Songtradr.  Platforms similar to Songtradr, where the stems etc are directly uploaded and attached to the full mix, and do not require their own data entry, do not attract an extra fee for the first attached stem.

Additional stems/bed tracks etc are charged at the main rate when they have to be entered as an entirely separate listing to the main full mix of the track (for example as on, AudioSparx and Pond5).  This is because it is as much work to upload and enter the data for these, requiring the same amount of entry time, as the main mix.

*  $1 extra for each additional stem uploaded attached to the main track, after the 'additional 1' as above on Songtradr and similar. 

*   $5 per track for 3 ALAs (sounds similar to / on the same playlist as) researched and supplied by me (this takes time done properly). This price is only for when the ALAs are completed in conjunction with the above service.


Simpler platforms with far less data entry than above, no keywords or moods etc

(online storage and pitching platforms etc, simple online library submission systems, eg DISCO etc)

11+ tracks:   $9.50 per main track

1-10 tracks:  $10 per main track


BUNDLE OPTION     I am also offering a special Bundle option with substantial savings for clients

I will upload and complete all the data entry onto a selection of different online platforms for you, for a single price per track.  As some platforms are a lot simpler than others, I am currently quoting clients individually for this.  Clients can let me know what platforms they wish to be included, and I will quote a price, per track.  This will work out cheaper than paying individually for each platform, but is only available when I can work on all platforms at the same time.  If they are given to me at different times, I cannot offer the 'Bundle' special fee.


Payment is via PayPal.


If you want to know more, or to book a service, please enquire via the contact page

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please ask via the contact page